Connecting the Community to Recycling
by Reusing & Repurposing its Goods

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Recycle That connects the community to recycling by reusing and repurposing its goods. 

As a for-profit professional fundraising consultant, Recycle That offers local non-profit organizations and community groups easy, no cost-no risk fundraising programs that pays for items donated in our recycling collection boxes.   Each time the container is emptied, the non-profit or local community partner gets earns funds! 

As a textile recycler, Recycle That is driven to find uses for your used items.  We provide a convenient way for you to recycle your items or give them new life, rather than sending them to the landfill.

What happens to the items we collect?  Items are sorted to determine the best possible use. Clothing and accessories in usable condition are typically sent in bulk overseas and sometimes sold domestically for reuse. Books, CDs and DVDs in good condition are sent to the secondary book market for reuse. Some items, including clothing, bedding, bath & linens, are repurposed for new uses, like industrial wiper cloths.  As a last resort, items are recycled to recover the basic metals and fibers for use in newly manufactured products.  By dropping your used items in the collection box, you are reducing the volume sent daily to local landfills and incinerators.

We currently seek new community partners and collection box location hosts.  To start raising funds today or learn more about becoming a Recycle That Community Partner, please contact us today.

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